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The 180° Horizon - Help-Self Principle, most simply put, is a free source model designed to help a person map their life in terms of where they are and where they want to go. ​

The aim of the Principle is to ascertain the current status of the person in relation to their Personal, Family or Business life.

The Horizon denotes the present situation of the person vis-à-vis their circumstances, incidents or finances - with 0° meaning the situation is bleak and 180° representing self-actualization or attainment of all your goals, objectives and desires

Just remember this horizon is plotted on goals and objectives, not age. So a 18 year old at 170° is not impossible, but improbable. 

Here's how a journey is mapped - 

At 0° 

The person is actually at zero levels in terms of all facets of life. They may be at the starting situation or has lost everything and is back to Zero. They need a road map of 10 degrees at a time to go to a near normalcy at 90 degrees.

At 25°

Basic needs have started to trickle in, but life is very unstable and they will have to work hard. Keeping their job or business secure is the key!

At 45°

Can survive through life but is not mentally, emotionally or financially stable.

At 90°

Has all the material comforts but life still appears to be a struggle and a rat race. No mental happiness nor peace of mind. Majority, if not most of the world's working middle class population is in this stage.

At 135°

Nearly there in terms of all facets… but the material desires and luxuries are still too tempting! Want to grow and have it at all costs!

At 160°

Going through a happy phase of de-cluttering all aspects of life. Enjoying the minimum comforts as all needs are met and wants are controllable. Intrinsically at peace and satisfied with a near zero ego. No emotional, physical nor financial baggage! Living for the day…

At 170°

Near Nirvana, when nothing bothers oneself. The entire world is beautiful and is at peace. Everyone looks lovely and nothing tears humanity nor divides mankind. Forgives and forgets, and lives in the moment.


At 180°

Total Nirvana! Near utopia! Let us leave it to the Gods!

Why help-self? 


Self-help books and gurus are everywhere. In a way that's my genre too. But till we can help oneself, we will never progress to the next level of our existence. This model is simple and allows us to self-assess and plot oneself on to the Horizon. 

What does Free Source mean?  

If something has helped me and the people who I have life coached, the idea is to share something with the universe as far and wide as possible. And what better way than make it free. So after one grasps it, feel free to become a 180° horizon, help-self evangelist. Edit it, share it, extol it. It's encouraged to download the 180° Horizon - Help-Self Principle, print it and use it to regularly plot ones progress at milestones in one's life journey. 

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