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Explore New Horizons with Kiron

Kiron Shenoy Keynote Speaker

Call / Whatsapp: +94 759285933 or E-mail me for more details

Kiron Management Consultancy

Management Consultancy

With over 40 years' experience in the public and private sector, I bring a unique skill set to the table. 

- Corporate Restructuring 

- Sick Unit Revitalisation 

- High Stakes Negotiation 

- Getting the Job Done

Kiron Shenoy Life Coach

Practical Life Coaching

Sometimes all you need is a genuine heart to heart. A nudge in the right direction. And of course a practical revival path.

Being a sportsperson, I can never stress enough on the value of a coach to your game. So get in touch, let's work on your 'A' game.

Now offering in-person and virtual practical life-coaching too.


Keynote Speaking

From 'Work - Life Balance' to the '180° Horizon Principle', I can speak to your organisation to motivate and encourage them to be better stakeholders and more importantly, better people. 

Varoon Shenoy Photography Jaipur

My Rule of Thirds

All my services come with a uniquely negotiated fee, varying from case to case. 

However, for Keynote Speaking my rule is, after covering costs to get to your venue, etc., I will only keep a third of the fee. 

Two Thirds goes to a local charity of our choosing. That's non-negotiable. 

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