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Above the Clouds

Durka Chellaram


Greenfield Bio Plantations group

Colombo - Sri Lanka

Kiron stepped into my life mid February, 2020 as a part of destiny that was waiting to happen!

He brought with him a fresh breath of energy & calmness that had suddenly gone out of my life after I lost my father late Jan 2020.


I got him into our group to restructure our business and give some sanity to its way forward. Things are now happening and everything is moving forward.


Incidentally over the past few months he also became a life coach to me and I fondly referred to as - my Guruji!!

He always emphasized that he was a catalyst and all the change was happening in me because I was very receptive to the hugely positive reinforcements.

Now I feel like a charged up aggressive lion…


Out of the blue he gave me his own new principle: The 180° Horizon Principle.

It was easy to understand and simple to follow and apply. I can happily say that it is now a daily tool for me to look at a lot of critical facets of my business and life.

Now I am aware of where I stand and can see my objectives clearly even though there are obstacles in the way.

I always tell Kiron that his whole journey has got him here and he has yet to give a lot to this world.

I say he is very special and the world needs more of him!


Rajgopal Nidamboor, PhD.
Wellness Physician, Writer, Editor, Independent Researcher, Author, and Publisher - Navi Mumbai, India

I've known Kiron Shenoy for over 25 years — a friend, brother, also guide, if not philosopher. This is primarily because his philosophy does not sound like that of the commonplace, or much-clichéd, 'guru.' It is far too simple, also simplistic, and uncomplicated, on the surface, but profound from the ground up. This is what makes him a cut above the rest.

What also amplifies his harmonious expanse vis-à-vis his professional repertoire, or prowess — as CEO, manager, adviser, teacher, motivational speaker, life-coach, or, any other impromptu role that one could think of for him — is how well, also snugly, he fits into each role, frame, or canvas... at the drop of a thought. Shenoy's watchword is: "Act; don't react." It defines his perspective, his outlook, or view of the world, life, relationships, and career.


He does not need my testimonial; my testimonial needs him. I wish him all the best in any, or every, endeavor that he may embark upon... today, or tomorrow." 


Amirally Lukmanjee


PanAsia Group of Companies
Colombo, Sri Lanka

My friend Kiron is a gentleman, whom I have known for over 25 years.


A person of high morality and ethical standards, very knowledgeable and one who loves a challenge. He will not rest till the challenging task is completed! 

Widely travelled and experienced, but always humble.


I would need to write a book to catalogue all his achievements and his simplicity of life.


I quote from James A.Ray-  which would describe his balanced personality.


“Buried deep within each of us is a spark of greatness, a spark that can be fanned into flames of passion and achievement. That spark is not outside of you but is born deep within you”


This is Kiron!!

Above the Clouds

Neena Correa
Toronto, Canada

Congratulations Kiron on your new Venture to “inspire” us.

You have always been an inspiration—since your first booklet of inspirational quotes - A different way of life!


In today’s real world of chaos and uncertainty, it will be a beacon of light to reinforce goodness, kindness and positivity.


Looking forward to your enriching wisdom. 


Jadullah Jameel

Ex. Deputy Minister of Fisheries 

Government of Maldives

You have helped me stop worrying about the small stuff in life. Your book helped me change my life.

Thank you for understanding what I needed most at that time in my life.


Dr. Siddhartha Sinha

CMO (Indian Oil - Retired)
Philanthropic Doctor

Noida - India

Thank you, dear Kiron, for staying by my side during my difficult days at College.


Needless to say, my transition, from the carefree life on the hills to the bitter truth of the plains would not have been possible without your help, support. You were a practical life changing coach & mentor to me.


At times my vocabulary fails to describe your excellent charismatic personality. Blessed to have friends like you…

Above the Clouds

Jitendra Sharma
Director - ARC Enterprises,
Renewable Energy Specialist
Bhopal, India.

I have known Kiron Shenoy for more than four decades now. He had an excellent and a very clear vision of life.  He is a very good learner and has learnt from all his experiences of life. His urge to learn from smallest happening of life has been his biggest asset.

An excellent listener and guide, I have the privilege of benefiting from his treasure of experience of life management.

His guidance is mostly tailor made to address the specific life management issues. An excellent crisis manager.


Shobhan Desai

CEO - Hindustan Export & Import Corporation Pvt. Ltd.
Vadodara, India

I have known Kiron for over 40 years. The fond memories are more memorable due to his constant management of friends and life.

A person who is an epitome of work-life balance with immense skills of Life management.

A highly qualified but down to earth person with whom I have shared great experiences in the journey of life. He is a family for life….


Jayant Dhagat
Ex- Sales Director,Alstom Power

New Delhi, India

Kiron was different (and he is different). During our earlier period of friendship, we found him to be bit ahead of his times. He had intelligently chalked out his future in terms of his growth both career wise and financially. Very disciplined person, with strong yet adaptable attitude. He drew his quality from his experience from life.

An atheist by heart but he never ever stopped anyone in believing their beliefs. He only believes in Human Beings, Human values, and Human love. His all actions towards people are centred around this main theme “We as Human Beings are Supreme”. His Mantras to live life revolves around this philosophy only. His Mantras are developed and evolved over period based upon his experiences. He does not hesitate in sharing these experiences, and is always helpful. Am I sounding like Kiron is profoundly serious, a no nonsense type of guy? No, he is not. He is humorous, full of fun yet determined, modest and disciplined and serious enough to respect another human, share his experience, guide an organisation or individual to attain what they have in their mind.

At the end, these words from an ancient Indian scripture best represents my friend's life's principle, which he continues to follow - 

न चोराहार्यम न च राजहार्यम |


न भ्रात्रभाज्यम न च भारकारि ||


व्यये कृते वर्धते एव नित्यं |


विद्याधनं सर्वेधनंप्रधानम् ||


It cannot be stolen by thieves, nor it can be taken away by the Kings,

It cannot be divided among brothers, it never burdens the bearer,

If spent (imparted, shared) regularly, it always keeps growing, the wealth of knowledge is the most superior wealth of all.

Above the Clouds

Sunil De Silva
Colombo, Sri Lanka

I have known Kiron Shenoy as a very close friend ever since he arrived in Sri Lanka 25 years back.

He came in as Director/CEO of a BOI Company established in Sri Lanka by a huge company from India. During this long tenure of close friendship, I have found him to be a person most honorable, with highest levels of integrity and loyalty. He is highly qualified, and always totally committed to whatever assignment he undertakes.

He is a rare personality about whom I can vouch for, anytime, that he would carry out any type of assignment he undertakes, with total responsibility. I wish him well in his new endeavor to help the society at large with his own help-self philosophy!


J K Vakharia

CMD - Everlon Synthetics Limited

Mumbai - India

It has been a pleasure to know Kiron for the last about 35 years.


I have watched him grow to a CEO of large corporates.


In spite of all his business commitments, he always has time for his friends and is always ready to be a life coach and help, guide and advise his friends, be it seniors or juniors.


He is very honest, helpful, knowledgeable, practical and makes everyone very comfortable.


I have learnt a lot from him and am proud to be his friend.


Sunil Jiwarajka

MD - Jiwarajka Textile Industries

Mumbai, India

I have known Kiron for nearly 4 decades. He is a simple, sincere and down to earth person. He strongly believes that Knowledge is not for storing but for sharing.

I am pleased to note that he is launching a personal website on help-self and personal Coaching for growth. He alone lives who lives for others.

I am sure that there will be a lot of takeaways for knowledge seekers. I wish him all the best in his endeavors.

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