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Kiron Shenoy Public Speaking


Kiron’s 180° Horizon

- The Help-Self Principle

B. Kiron Shenoy Practical Life Coach

Meet B. Kiron Shenoy 

Life Coach. Author. Motivational Speaker. 
Management Consultant. Rebel.

A radical son, lousy student, street smart executive, passionate and strategic sportsperson, proud father, admiring husband, doting grandfather and, most importantly, a happy man.

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What is 

Kiron’s 180° Horizon
- The Help-Self Principle?

Kiron Shenoy 180° Horizon - The Help-Self Principle

This is a simple principle by which I have lived my life. So today, I hope by sharing it with you, it makes yours a little better. 

It's an easy 180° horizon to plot your life against. So you see for yourself how much you have going for you, and what you have to look forward to on your life's horizon. 


Keynote Speaker

Talks. Chats. A Booster Shot of Motivation.

Management Consultancy

When you need some experience and chutzpah in your corner. 


Life Coaching

Practical direction can turn you 180° towards your goals. 

With a variety of contributors, I hope you find some trinkets of illumination in here for your journey onward.


Jadullah Jameel Photo

"You have helped me stop worrying about the small stuff in life. Your book helped me change my life. Thank you for understanding what I needed most at that time in my life."

Jadullah Jameel

Ex. Deputy Minister of Fisheries 

Govt. of Maldives

Jeetu K Vakharia Photo

"In spite of all his business commitments, he always has time for his friends and is always ready to be a life coach and help, guide and advise his friends, be it seniors or juniors."

J K Vakharia

CMD - Everlon Synthetics Limited

Mumbai - India

Amirally Lukmanjee Photo

"A person of high morality and ethical standards, very knowledgeable and one who loves a challenge. He will not rest till the challenging task is completed!"

Amirally Lukmanjee


PanAsia Group of Companies
Sri Lanka

Kiron's First Book - 
A Different Way of Life

Sold in over 15 countries around the world


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