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Anybody Can Teach You Soft Skills!

By Kiron Shenoy


This is a true story of a domestic staff who works at our home. She has been with us for over 16years.

For a person from the shanties to be able to acquire and use such a lot of soft skills is amazing. Tom Peters might have gone all around the world talking about his concept of Under promise- Over deliver but this lady is consistently doing it. She is rewarded


A person who never has complained of the cost of living nor a raise knows the art of financial planning at home. She took the risks to support her spouse in business but after continuous losses questioned him on the ROR (rate of return).

She knew the value of education and the need to speak English. When the Principal of her son’s school invited her to speak last week in a PTA-she went on stage and spoke in English to the amazement of the children, parents & the principal too. But ended up weeping profusely at the end as she was overwhelmed by the occasion!

Today one of her son’s is working in the corporate sector and the other has got into the Senior school because of his English & Cricket playing abilities. Her elder son despite of coming from an ethnic minority was made the Head Prefect of predominately Buddhist School by a Principal who was an ordained monk! Here too her enormous contribution as a parent and doer was appreciated by her peers and the principal.

A person who has true grit and determination, besides having the ability to be trustworthy- has an attitude that will take the family and herself to higher levels.

As the saying goes- born poor is not one’s fault but to die poor surely is….


Kiron Shenoy is a happy man. He's here to share his stories. Email him at to tell him what you think.


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