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Are you operating in your 'Zone'?

The inspiration for this article came from observing my wife in her garden. As and when she does venture into that beautiful arena - she is just lost in her world. This is actually meant in the positive sense; she might just be sitting & working amongst the plants and the pots and it would be a few hours before I may have to suggest to her that it is a lunch break! This is the zone that she has gone into…

When we are in the zone during work or an event or venture, it means that we are so engrossed and immersed in it that nothing else comes wandering in to our minds!

It is a beautiful time and wonderful phase of our life.

It happens to me many a time on the Tennis courts, especially when it is a tough match and the opponent also has a strategic mind. The few rally and drops are played out in zone or a tunnel.

Probably each one of us has a zone that we love to be in. At times it maybe even an area of strength that we have or a place where you get to totally de-stress.

Strangely, I have noticed that most of this “zoning” happens when we pursue our passions or hobbies. Just imagine if your work matches with your passion or hobby! Probably a passion for writing for an editor or journalist could be that, maybe coaching kids for a Tennis coach.

So, do an introspection and see where do you get “zoned “off and operate more in that arena!?


Kiron Shenoy is a happy man. He's here to share his stories. Email him at to tell him what you think.


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