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Assert Your Attitude

By Rajgopal Nidamboor


It’s a big question. How do you develop a positive attitude? It isn’t easy; agreed. But, it is possible. You need to simply monitor and correct your attitudes, from time to time. Next, you need to ‘fix’ any waning in your attitude. This is only half of the battle won — because, it is possible for pitfalls to surface along the way. So, try to be open, not rigid — this will help you understand why your attitude could be losing its hold.

Difficulties are easy to detect — fear, postponing decisions, disappointment, self-guilt, or resentment. Your bosses, and associates, may also notice such feelings and behaviours. All the same, it is up to you to respond positively, also direct and augment your thoughts and actions to become positively result-oriented and doubly focused.

This, you will appreciate, is the only way to turn things around for yourself, your company, and also folks around you.

· Try to keep structure with time. Schedules and routines, not to speak of the moment, help us to dealing with changing situations better

· Structures help us to maintain a positive attitude, come rain, or shine. The result? You will stay focused in a given task, and take stock of every situation and achieve progress

· Indulge by all means in positive self-talk like most sportspersons do. It helps to replace negative thoughts with positive images

· Never say that you will not change

· Spend some time, as and when you can, with positive people around you. Imbibe their attitude and thoughts. You will get positive results. What’s more, it will make you feel good about yourself and enable you to manage any or changing circumstance with a good, positive attitude.


Rajgopal Nidamboor, PhD, is a wellness physician-writer-editor, independent researcher, columnist, author, and publisher. His published work includes hundreds of newspaper, magazine, Web articles, essays, meditations, columns, and critiques on a host of subjects, aside from four books on natural health, two coffee table tomes, a handful of eBooks, and an encyclopedic treatise on Indian philosophy. He calls himself an irrepressible idealist. What he likes best is spending quality time with his family and close friends, and in reading, writing, listening to music, watching cricket/old movies, and mindful meditation. He lives in Navi Mumbai, India.


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