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Count your blessings

By Kiron Shenoy


A few people will be surprised to hear this coming from an agnostic! However, at the end of the day, we are all equal in the eyes of the “Big Boss”. So why not appreciate and thank for all the wonderful things that we have got. Some, we have deserved and others are naturally gifted to us….

Don’t we all get the same wonderful fresh air, nature’s bounties and the same 24 hours? Surely-when we enjoy these and make the best use- we are further blessed with good health, a beautiful family, a decent place to live with sufficient food to eat for all and top it up with lovely friends. What a blessing!!

COVID came and went. We are safe and still doing well. Are we not blessed? Yes-we are!

That is where people now talk of gratefulness, appreciation and thankfulness. Over the decades I have learnt to be happy in every circumstance because that is a natural path of our life.

When one is positive and accepting the reality –the path is wonderful and the journey is beautiful.

The other day my driver asked me why I am saying to count our blessings even though we were in midst of a torrential nonstop downpour. I told him… I am counting my blessings as my house and my neighborhood is not flooded!!

Let us change our outlook to life and learn to appreciate and be grateful for whatever we have and whatever we are been blessed with.

Enjoy the journey ahead!!


Kiron Shenoy is a happy man. He's here to share his stories. Email him at to tell him what you think.


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