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How can my Voice be Heard?

By Vinita Shenoy

(A Message from a School Principal to her students)


I always wonder, how can my voice be heard? The voice in my head keeps talking. There is no end to it. It sends my mind on a spin when I am listening to someone, or making plans for the next event. It wakes me up in the middle of the night reminding me that my institution never sleeps. Does this happen to you? Then welcome to the team. If it doesn’t happen to you then welcome me to your team.

Most often the voice you hear students, is that which I think you should hear not the one rattling in my head. Sometimes I want to scream and warn the huddled groups to stay apart and mention social distance. But then I see their beautiful faces in all sincerity and happiness helping each other and I am silenced. I have already warned them, that if they love and care for those at home, they will make sure they don’t carry any infection home just in case that microscopic virus is hiding behind those beautiful eyelashes or the microscopic spit drops spilling out from the many happily chatting mouths.

The COVID-19 pandemic will fundamentally transform every aspect of our lives on personal, academic, professional, national, and global levels. The crisis has made processes that might otherwise have unfolded over decades arrive all at once. Our future has come crashing into our present. (Let’s pretend we didn’t see it coming). As much as many of us are hoping our previous world will snap back after this crisis abates, that will not be the case. But while it is appropriate to mourn what we have lost and the tragedy of this moment, let’s be thankful for what we have learnt. The foundations for our new lives, new learning, new companies, and the world are today being laid.

While every single citizen is entitled to education, health care, rations, water, roads, and safety, at the same time, we need to care for our environment, our wildlife, our natural resources and our people. They say there is enough of food and other basic requirement for everyone’s feed but not for everyone’s greed. If you agree with me let your voices be heard. Let the conversations for conservation be loud and clear.


Vinita Shenoy is a Principal at Gateway College Colombo. And as a nurturer by nature, she motivates teachers and students to grow individually and as a team. Ms. Shenoy believes, “when the wind of change blows, some build walls, others build windmills”.


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