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Is there luck or is life all about merit?

By Kiron Shenoy


Of course it is a debatable topic.

In our life we have coincidences, luck playing a role & destiny awaiting you or it may be just plain dame luck!!Even if you have worked hard for a project or a mission or anything-still there would be an element which is mystic & beyond words.

I have had many such profound incidents and happenings which can be totally discounted as hard work or on merit…

Maybe one has to be at the right place at the right time too. Can we work towards it???

We all grew up with the saying that opportunity is knocking constantly and you have to keep opening the door. However, I took it further and knocked at all viable doors and opportunity was located many times there!!

Life is what you make out of it-while luck follows and takes you there….

Have a beautiful & blessed month of December 2022. God Bless!


Kiron Shenoy is a happy man. He's here to share his stories. Email him at to tell him what you think.


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