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The Future is Now

By Rajgopal Nidamboor


The future is a seamless connection — of thoughts and anticipation. Yes, we all have a habit of saying, “I’m hoping for the best.” But, look at the magical picture, when you say, instead, “I am confident; it will happen.”

When you think positively, not complain, or resign to one’s fate, you’ll be able to overcome obstacles and cynicism. You will also perk yourself up and keep going — come what may. Yet another aspect of such a positive outlook is having a ‘timeline’ — because, the future is nothing but outcomes that you dream, aspire and achieve. There are, of course, expectations where you think of the future on a day-to-day basis — this provides us with connotations and intentions. This is something that reminds us from time-to-time of our passion, commitment, purpose, or aspiration, to do our best in life, ‘eight days a week,’ as the Beatles crooned.

The future is always now. It can relate to a goal; it can relate to a dream; or, it can relate not just to hope, but a happening, or an objective-come-true. It could be a huge leap in your career, or finishing a project ahead of a given schedule, or acquiring a new pastime, or going on a vacation after a long gap. It’s more than a peek into the future — one that helps you to pull through everyday questions and challenges. It is akin, no less, to ecstatic fulfilment, where you somehow manage to get things done at the ‘right’ time — more so, when a good thing is overdue.


Rajgopal Nidamboor, PhD, is a wellness physician-writer-editor, independent researcher, columnist, author, and publisher. His published work includes hundreds of newspaper, magazine, Web articles, essays, meditations, columns, and critiques on a host of subjects, aside from four books on natural health, two coffee table tomes, a handful of eBooks, and an encyclopedic treatise on Indian philosophy. He calls himself an irrepressible idealist. What he likes best is spending quality time with his family and close friends, and in reading, writing, listening to music, watching cricket/old movies, and mindful meditation. He lives in Navi Mumbai, India.


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