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The Leader in You

By Rajgopal Nidamboor


We are in the midst of what futurist Alvin Toffler called ‘the rattling and shaking.’ And, with no let-up in sight to such cultural and economic earthquakes, we are now witness to a fundamental ‘shift’ in our lives — working from home. This has prompted most companies to focus on their foremost under-utilised resources — ‘the minds and hearts’ of their people. It’s exactly these people, more so folks closest to the customer and work who have all the answers and solutions.

What comes to mind, in the context, is fundamental — a new kind of leader, who is endowed with the creativity and courage to put up with the problems of the organisation. In other words, the need for visionary leadership — a leader with a prescience of the future, or leaders who not only have the vision, but also the ability to get their fellow-workers and colleagues to accept ownership for ‘that’ vision as their own and, thus, develop the commitment to carrying it through completion.

Such leaders need not always have the vision themselves, but they ought to possess the willingness and ability to derive and inspire the vision from their people — and, empower them to turn such a vision into reality. In other words, such leaders are ‘primed’ to nurture and encourage themselves and their people to be open, creative, innovative, and find what it takes to achieving their shared objectives — and, to bringing the best in people.

This could be you — if you aren’t yet a leader in your own right.


Rajgopal Nidamboor, PhD, is a wellness physician-writer-editor, independent researcher, columnist, author, and publisher. His published work includes hundreds of newspaper, magazine, Web articles, essays, meditations, columns, and critiques on a host of subjects, aside from four books on natural health, two coffee table tomes, a handful of eBooks, and an encyclopedic treatise on Indian philosophy. He calls himself an irrepressible idealist. What he likes best is spending quality time with his family and close friends, and in reading, writing, listening to music, watching cricket/old movies, and mindful meditation. He lives in Navi Mumbai, India.


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