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By Kiron Shenoy


May be a good way to introspect and see where we are vulnerable or what is our weak spot. It could be as an individual or a company or as a country.

I personally try to introspect the year gone by to learn and improve myself. There are times that your loved ones point out your flaws and when it runs through for a longer time you have found your Achilles heel!

It is rightly said that an Achilles' heel is a weakness in spite of overall strength, which can lead to downfall. In order to be able to spot it you will have to be open to criticism and constantly check your end results. Have you lost friends or hurt people even though you never intended to? Maybe it is a chink in your armor that constantly pulls you down.

If one can understand and over the course of time manage the Achilles heel and figuratively make it less painful, surely the entire ethos of life in the future will take a better turn.

Similarly, if we take any company you can analyze after a cursory study what is their Achilles heel. It could be a constantly high attrition due to bad leadership or maybe perpetual delay in settling creditors or maybe just old redundant/outdated machinery. Same could go for a country as a small population would mean a shrunk market which would not attract investors for FDIs.

So this month let us find out our Achilles heel and set about controlling and healing it. That way we will overcome the negative aspect/s of our life and make it more positive.


Kiron Shenoy is a happy man. He's here to share his stories. Email him at to tell him what you think.


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