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Amazing Lessons Of Life From A 2 Year Toddler!

By Kiron Shenoy


We all are aware that as a young couple when we have our first child the whole world changes for the better. Amazing things happen all over the place and life has its beautiful moments and messed up nights. But in spite of all these pains and pleasures the child brings bountiful of happiness, joy and a sense of direction in the life.

Imagine a similar experience happening in the lives of parents when their grand child is born. One practically sees the growing up of their own children in their grandchild. In our case it was our amazing and beautiful granddaughter E!

Mid this year-Our son and daughter in law came over to spend quality & quantity time during this famous COVID era. A lockdown of sorts in Sri Lanka and this bubbly near 2 year “young” babe at home just created waves of euphoria &wonders. It led me to learn so many lovely facts of life practically every week.

I will put it down in bullet form so that it can be elaborated as per your interpretation:

-Live for the moment and be happy.

-Cry if you are hurt and laugh if you are happy.

-Keep yourself in the forefront when it comes to wants, needs and rest. Share with others if you have got something yourself.

-Angry & wild at an incident but ready to reconcile and say sorry.

-Always be ready to say Thank you and love you!

-Welcome all people with open arms but do tell someone about it.

-Recap all your day’s incidents before sleeping.

-Eat your fresh fruits at the start of the day and drink water frequently.

-Run about and exercise till you are tired.

-Remember people by name and link it to an event or occasion to recapitulate later.

At present, she is God like and moving on will have Godliness in her for a long time, as long as she can differentiate between the chaff & wheat of life! God bless her!


Kiron Shenoy is a happy man. He's here to share his stories. Email him at to tell him what you think.


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