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Less is More

By Kiron Shenoy


Growing up through the ladder in our careers and in the levels of class it was always a case of less definitely is less. Accumulation and materialistic greed was predominant in every aspect of purchase or investment.

In business or life, we have to come down to the main essentials, thereby removing all time-consuming non-essential investments or tasks, elements and projects.

Over the past decade and probably due to the COVID-19 and the economic turmoil/upheaval- we all must have looked inward and introspected. Have I got excessive physical & mental baggage?? I certainly did.

There were times I opened my closet or shoe rack and felt ashamed at the unwanted stuff that was lying there.

When one has less, definitely it can get full attention and probably lead to a real value for money of the item.

Just imagine the satisfaction one derives while having a simple meal at home with the basic 3 or 4 items vis-à-vis the humungous spread or layout at a Buffet dinner?

Similarly, when an organization grows it accumulates moss or garbage on the way. It looks fat with unnecessary manpower, wasteful expenditure, bloated transport bills and unfinished/delayed projects.

Time to reverse the process and streamline. It will make you feel happy & satisfied to see how less looks more…

Look ahead in life and manage life & business with the mantra “less is more”. It will make you a balanced person as the world and the economy is definitely needing more of that in today’s greedy & envious world!


Kiron Shenoy is a happy man. He's here to share his stories. Email him at to tell him what you think.


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