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By Kiron Shenoy


A month plus stay this August in New Zealand made me realize and understand the power of tolerance. Hitherto, it was one more way of thinking or dealing with people.

Aptly described as the ability or willingness to tolerate other’s opinions or behavior that one may not agree or dislike!

But it is only when I interacted with residents of New Zealand on a regular basis did it make sense that it was such a powerful tool! If we really see our life or anyone else’s we will notice that there is no standard prescribed code of living. Everyone leads their own life and as long as it does not harm or cause hurt to anyone, mostly it is nothing of concern.

Whether it was the tolerance shown while driving or when there is a Zebra crossing or even at T- junctions and cross roads, we Asians would see the chasm between what we can tolerate and what is tolerated in the land of the Kiwis. The respect shown to an elder who might take more time to board a bus or showing respect to others generally. How queue systems are 100% respected and immaterial of your position or disposition it is honored.

What makes the general public so content that it gives space to every other fellow space to breathe & live their lives? Dignity of labour and non-interference is a part of life. Every person at every strata is tolerated and allowed to operate at his pace or wherewithal. At times a minority ethnic community may not be very erudite so that will be tolerated and they will be given suitable role that suits their personality & pace.

The harmonious environment in schools is also created because differences between classmates and friends is tolerated. The Management in offices do not penalize an employee if he or she has to constantly attend or pick his or her toddler from the Nursery school daily in office hours. Offensive words are a taboo and politeness starts from young children, who show huge respect at supermarkets & restaurants.

Everyone’s holidays are respected and treated as sacrosanct with zero interference from office work or even by superiors. Religions, partners, traditions are respected as private and it is not even questioned or asked.

I am sure that in this short blog one can notice the real power of tolerance that has emerged as a major soft power tool. It is a major skill that we all should have and improve upon.

Let us do our bit to change ourselves and the rest will follow.


Kiron Shenoy is a happy man. He's here to share his stories. Email him at to tell him what you think.


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